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Indiana University Bachelors of Applied Health Sciences - Dietetics

Masters of Kinesiology - Sports Performance & Orthopedic Rehabilitation 

Jumpman Trainer. FRCms. 

Thu graduated from Indiana University with Bachelors in Dietetics and a Masters of Kinesiology, in a focus in sports performance and orthopedic rehabilitation. Thu strives for the betterment of those around her, and improving lifestyle habits and performance whether it be athletes or the general population. Fully understanding body movements and the science behind what goes on internally within the body, Thu has found a niche in injury prevention/sports performance, and nutrition.


I didn’t get into training and fitness to look good. I got into fitness because of how it makes me feel physically, mentally and emotionally. I do it for the endorphin rush. I do it for the boost of confidence. I do it for my future, and I am not speaking career wise, I am simply talking about my health and the longevity of my life. I do it for the feeling of giving 120% and coming out feeling accomplished knowing I am one step closer to betterment. 

Going through college, I was unsure of what I wanted to fulfill a degree in, so I enrolled into all sorts of classes including a nutrition class that changed my life. I had a really bad relationship with food growing up; I was around 90lb until about 19 years old. So learning and experimenting about how different types of food affects the body was intriguing to me. How I can transform my body with just a slight shift in my diet and lifestyle habits was mind-blowing, so from that point on, I declared my major in Dietetics so I can continue to raise the awareness and educate others about those mind-blowing moments I had.

I had never picked up a weight until my sophomore year of college after a bad break up. Losing someone that I thought I loved, I knew I needed to love myself first and rebuild from ground up. I started to go to the gym and taught myself how to strength train. I was that girl that was always observing what other people were doing and mimicking them, or watching Youtube videos of different workouts (I admit it). Not until my junior year of college, I enrolled into an exercise science class and really started to obtain knowledge about the science behind strength training along with different types movements and started to put my knowledge to the test by transforming my body first. People around me took notice, started asking for advice and that's when ThuFit started!

Shortly after moving to LA from Indiana, I had a family member pass from a cause that could have been prevented and fixed by a change of lifestyle habits. That is where the flame to my fire became lit even more to change and impact as many lives as I can with the education and experience I was receiving. Getting deeper into the science of human body movement impacted how I approached training altogether. Analyzing a person’s posture, how they move on a day to day basis, what factors made them like this, etc., is what created the driving force to my career now.



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